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Seeking the Seed

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

This is a poem that I wrote about answers I have received when dreaming ways to connect my children to the land. How to see past the flashing lights and distractions to a deeper way of living and breathing upon the earth.

The Seed

I asked God for a seed

For my Children’s hungry mouths to feed

Toys and sweets wanting more more more

I have journeyed to the very core

To spiritually connect to the land

Action will be taken by my own hand

I’ve traversed the wild landscape of my psyche

Returned from a long and varied hike

With treasures only my heart will ever know

Through my art transmits its message to show

My children how to live a nourishing way

Is to walk side by side

On a journey guided from the inside

To feel passionately within and without

Greater awareness grows when we learn about

How to spiritually connect with our place

Of being and receive with grace

Messages alive in every moment

In the conversation with a neighbour

Or road sign saying slow down

You see before you get to town

Children pay attention, I do my best

To be an example with whom you can rest

Your heavy heads and take time for your heart

Listen to its secrets and take part

In this spiritual existence, its woven web

Is your birth right to live within its mysterious thread

My darlings this is how we heal the wounds

Between all people on Earth and their bond to this dirt

Beneath our feet connection to landscape

Bring your heart speak into your hands

Create from your authentic voice

Take action for love with every choice

Be a custodian of this place right here

Listen to old stories, old people who hold dear

Songlines both black history and white

The stories of our individual lives hold great might

Yarning within your local community

Ensures the weaving of humanity

Between brothers and sisters, animals and plants

The news you share, relationships you build

Are stronger than an institutional yield

of academic results or data collected

The TV shatters these threads uncollected

You want to feel real power

Sit in meditation on the beach for an hour

Listen to the waves crashing in

Draw this source energy within

Listen to your heart tell you where to begin

With love and devotion to our children and Earth mother

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