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Crafting trauma into art, mothers transmute and be free

A Call to Natural Connection

Heart humming to the hymns

Of Mother´s belly rumbling


Eagle flight, follow, flow

To truly know

The virtue of essence

The wonder of One

Follow the sun

Dingo paws pound the ground

Instinct to hunt, internal drive

Illuminated by radiant light

Motion moves soul to the ocean

Cleansing, cleaning, dugong dreaming

Shaking, awakening

Spirit spawns in the pre-dawn

Rock wallaby welcomes the warmth

Of sun, doorway to One

Heat pours into heart centre

Let Mother enter

Shimmering shark

Shines beneath the surface

Graceful gyration

Sense stimulation

Inflation of lungs

Dive down, deeper into darkness



Lifted by light

Powered by prana

Rhythm returns, rise

Turtle is wise

Dolphins dance

Twisting, twirling, tantrically tumbling

Mother’s belly rumbling


A Cross to Bear

To live by stoically carrying the cross and not put it down for anyone

The stubborn donkey is no more

Neither the bricklayer that builds a house for himself and lives hunched over in its thick walls, his burley muscles taking up all of the space

To unfurl life a leaf stretching out to receive the sun.

Dancing in the wind

Falling in the Autumn

Decaying in the winter

Budding in the spring

Shining in the summer

Movement, change, flow, a time for everything

Stages of development

Embracing birth as greatly as we embrace death

Remembering the heavens, their light, wisdom and the essence of the unseen.

Man’s form is no match for nature’s geometric intricacy and unbound growth

Even the pen that writes these words enlaces source with tendrils of frost, threatening to cease the flow in ice of ever present winter

Bring forth the melted snow water of the spring.


The mother is an addict

Of day dreams and wild fantasies

Oh the giddy rides she has flying higher and higher

Away from the cruel world below

Her head swims with delight

Drunk on these fine feasts of thin air

It is only when her child falls and cries

She wakes

Rudely interrupted from her exciting escapade

To dance with the stars and sing with the angels

Why should I return?

What has earth to offer me that day dreams cannot fulfil?

To walk the path seems dull compared to flying on a winged horse

The child’s cry shakes her again

She must attend her child

She focuses her attention

Dragging herself free from the clutches of her own self destruction

No more day dreaming

Dreaming days away

The child asks for a story

Yes a story

A light in the darkness

A moment of transcendence

Of weightlessness in a weighted world

Sweet child

It really would be my treat

To share a story from my heart

Though only one, for there is work to be done

The mother found her power in her word.

Feelings after Full Immersion

Now I have stripped the toxins, shaken off resentment, washed the anger away

I am left with a plate of jelly

Wibbly wobbly jelly

The essence hiding under the ego has lost its firmness after years of neglect

It is easily poked, fearful

The shell has cracked yet the newborn has not yet stepped out

The light is harsh and I am not sure what I look like

I am in the complete unknown

I have been to the depths and risen again so I know within the jellied oyster is a glorious pearl

… Oh to let it shine, but where to begin?

The Awakened Queen

July 2022

Saying yes to a dream

Reviving the dead or damned Queen

Having faith in the unseen

My wounded heart pouring out

Acknowledging the trickery of doubt

No need to know what its all about

A process unravels step by step,

Stitch by stitch, brick by brick

Born from blood spilt from the needle’s prick

The way only known by the walker

Confusion, dead ends, hazy mazes

Found by the talker

Blood, sweat and tears

A recipe for rising above fears

Those you can count on say come here dear

Hold you close to heart, warm you with unconditional love

Heart quivering like a delicate dove

Friends open the door and give a gentle shove

Saying yes to a dream

The awakened Queen finds her king within

He pledges his service and his sword

He leads her vision forward into darkness

Holding her hand they traverse the twisted woods

To find the castle from whence they came

Yet this time the hearth is lit

The doors unlocked

The dust has been shaken from the sheets

The people rejoice

Time to get to work

The royal couple call in the blacksmith, lumber jacks

Miller, baker, tailor, cobbler and cook

Clear orders are given

The dream takes shape

The king kisses the Queen’s exposed nape

She sighs deeply surrendering her heart

Enchanted entanglement

Carries forth this work of art

Dear Old Resentment

Resentment clouds my vision

Boils under the surface

Silent unsaid words of stone

Blisters, pimples of pus

Burst with anger at the man

Who is he?

Not my man, though the devil sometimes tells me he is

I used to believe he made me work on my knees

To deliver his daily head job

Now I say NO to this knob

And give myself a head job

Change my thinking, release fears

Floods of tears

My children I hold so dear

Will not buy into commercial crap

Toxic toys of plastic, brands and caricatures

My dragon of discernment will burn you to the ground

Seeds in the soil are worth the toil

Chop and drop the weeds

To power plants of purity

Grow baby Grow

Dog Wisdom

I bring awareness to a mind conditioned to nip

To nip not in fear of being nipped

In fear of being the underdog, the weak one

If I nip those who stand tall they will also feel pain

I need to nip harder each time

I want them to feel my pain

This is impossible, but I will not give up

Nipping away some dogs crumble and nip too

We become a pack

Squabbling and fighting over the scraps

Others break away

What does the lone wolf do?

Detach from the pain, treat the pack like scum

Unwanted, weak, poor

I met another wolf once

He broke the cycle

He lay on the ground licking his sores

Bugs crawled in them

He lay still, too sorry for the pack to pick on

Panting, resting, sleeping

He did not whine

He picked the bugs with his teeth, using them as sustenance to keep going,

He lay in the sunshine, grateful for its warmth

Slowly he recovered

Scarred and beautiful

He doesn’t nip his pups

He doesn’t flood them with guilty love

He just is, and he is magnificent.

Resilient Hearts Beat On

Repressed anger boils my blood

My fists clench, nails draw blood

In my hot palms, knuckles

Ready to punch, pummel, pound

Drive into the dirt any threat to my Illusion of living in peace

How dare you bring chaos to my table

How dare you disagree with mother's choice

You wicked, naughty toad

I will squish the poisoned pus from your soft body

Stomp on you with sturdy boots...

But inside these boots are delicate feet

That love to dance with twinkle toes

To dream of magic and transcendence

Undulating currents of sound and light

You love these stories sweet toad

And when we kiss, I see a prince

Royal and regal and all things good

We dance with bare feet on the sand

How will you recognise me in these boots?

How will I recognised you under purple puss?

Remember our breath unites us

A distant memory of the womb

My heart aches for coherence

Hearts steady, strong, resilient

Beat on. 

Invisible Cloak

I wear an invisible cloak

A cloth woven with intricate threads of imagination

When worn the world shimmers with mystery

Ordinary moments melt into an elixir

Illuminated by language which stirs the soul

Wisdom bound by depth of feeling

Simple gestures, sounds and rhythm

Pacing, skipping, sliding, swirling

Whisks me away, a journey to the crevices

Of my own self

A cloak I wear that others may fear to touch

Yet also long for

Made of masterful, life giving words

Where meaningless, senseless existence

Without it is sudden death.

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