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Musician, Poet, Storyteller


An evening of song and spoken word

Soul crafted songs and poetry. A gentle mix of acoustic, folk and reggae songs to uplift and inspire. Relax and listen as I sing you to a wellbeing paradigm within.

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HeartMath Mentor

Heart Practice Guide

Awaken your incredible heart intelligence and build personal resilience in this 4 session transformation. I can guide you to a deeper awareness of your own heart rhythms, assisting you to feel greater joy, less stress and more presence in your life. I am a certified mentor of HeartMath and have qualified through the Macquarie Institute in Australia.  

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Birth Poetry

Anchor your child in quadrality by connecting them to the cyclical time and place of their birth

I work together with you to write a poem for your child about the time and place of their birth. We weave the seasonal indicators, animal behaviours and weather patterns of the time of their birth to assist children to ground into the now. They can recognise their birthday is coming without looking at a calendar, by feeling and sensing this time each year. Through the process of developing this poem, children and parents recognise they are connected to a steady and consistent cyclical nature of time (relieves anxiety and stress). In poetic form is is ensured that this information is delivered to the heart of the child rather than the mind. 
Can also be done for all members of the family. One hour session plus you will receive an electronic copy of the poem. $80 per person. Contact to book.

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