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A Mother of a Mess

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

A poem I wrote on one of those days when I just wished someone would come to help me with the children. I was feeling utterly exhausted and the cavalry couldnt make it...

A damsal in distress

A mother of a mess

So when the cavalry calls in sick

You know your in the shit

You've really hit the pits

So what to do but stop, rest and let it flop

Breath out, give up, let go

Let your feelings flow

Asking for release

Feel your inner peace

Know everything is ok

You will live another day

In fact you are standing so tall

The world around you can finally fall

To be rebuild from the ashes

From the nasty, ghastly gashes

Finding the red blood of life

Lifting on wings out of strife

With all of Michael's might

Knight on white horse in flight

Oh, look you've become the cavalry

Where's the damsal in distress?

Yes I came out of this mess feeling empowered... I really believe now that we need to surrender in order to let new growth sprout forth. I am grateful for this experience. Have you had an experience where you fell apart... and then realised you had grown as a result? Please comment below...

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