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Creativity calls

Updated: Jan 12

I love to be creative. I paint, I draw, I write, I sing, I play music and I feel nourished when I practice my creativity. So how do I sustain this practice with three small children? My children love to be creative, we paint, draw, write, sing and play music together and I am nourished by this play. Although, there is a hunger in me often to be alone and feel the uprising of an idea within and be able to bring that idea into my tangible reality. This uprising and hunger sometimes is so strong that it can rattle my mind, body, emotions and thoughts. So strong I get angry, frustrated, irritated by anyone and anything that seems to be restricting this idea birthing process. And that is what I deeply feel it is, a calling to the creative self, to the divine feminine, my need to express my deepest self through these artistic practices.

So here I am, writing this blog by candlelight, while my family sleeps. An ode to myself to just do it, in any form, for any length of time, at any time. Release the pressure of perfection, of a finished product and begin to open my mind to the unknown. Begin to knit my masculine in service to a devoted feminine. As my hands write these thoughts they dance.

I keep a journal on my kitchen bench, for most of my greatest revelations come while I am cleaning or early in the morning. My children know breakfast time is often interrupted when mum's river of dreams is flowing..."I need to write this down, cornflakes can wait!" So transmutation begins to take place and the tension releases and I feel happier, lighter, more open, more creativity enters, the masculine action grows stronger, more aligned and I get my groove back.

Whether it is an hour of ecstatic dance or 10 minutes headphones on in the bathroom, "I'll be out soon, just doing a poo!" the creative urge fuels my wellbeing and when the bathroom quickie turns into a family dance party in the lounge, I know I am cooking with gas, my whole family is receiving nourishment. Creativity is fun, wild, sensual, deep, it is anything we want it to be. I am a woman, I am a born creator so I let my creativity blossom.

In winter 2023 while breastfeeding my youngest son, I wrote 10 songs in two months after beginning with micro practices such as morning journaling and dancing in the bathroom. These small steps unlocked a beautiful flow of ideas. I shared my songs and poems twice in my local community last year, to raise awareness for mother's mental health. These gifts came to me when I began to practice my creativity daily, my own connection to self. They are growing and deepening within me everyday. Mothers know that you are seen, valued, loved, appreciated and worthy of your own creative practice. We are the builders of a wellbeing paradigm though our commitment to practice. May your creativity flourish in 2024!

With love and blessings, Mama Rose

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