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Mama Rose 🌹

“Reclaiming the right to be mother of my tribe, a powerful woman with omnipotent vibe"

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Mother of My Tribe Music

Songs from my heart ... listen HERE!

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Self-Love in April

Self Love in April Mmmmm…. Self love. This topic has been a very sensual awakening for me. A true returning to my senses. Slowing down...

Creativity calls

I love to be creative. I paint, I draw, I write, I sing, I play music and I feel nourished when I practice my creativity. So how do I...

Seeking the Seed

This is a poem that I wrote about answers I have received when dreaming ways to connect my children to the land. How to see past the...

A Mother of a Mess

A poem I wrote on one of those days when I just wished someone would come to help me with the children. I was feeling utterly exhausted...

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The Chool Bus, Airlie Beach 4802


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