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Happy Mother's Day, know your worth

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

I am a mother and I am a millionaire

My money is pure love essence

Trust and connection I share

Countless hours of presence

My dollars look like faces

Of the children for whom I love and care

Radiant smiles and infectious giggles

Priceless gifts, wake up and become aware

I am a mother and I am a millionaire

My money feels like cuddles

Tears of pain and joy

Tickles, sunshine, muddy puddles

Time and patience worth more than gold

Stories, songs, wisdom old

Remembering my burning heart

I take risks like any Wall Street Businessman would

I protect my children, I rise up an shout

Listen world this is what abundance is about!

Mothers are your hardest workers

Without wages, sick pay or leave

We dive in deep, seek change and balance

Willingly roll up our sleeves

Praying for the scales to be tipped

For mothers at the centre of society on Earth

So children grow whole and equipped

Nurtured and held from the moment of their birth

I am a mother and I am a millionaire

I believe in circles drawn with lines

My money sounds like a world rejoicing

For Mothers first this time.

With deep love and appreciation for all that you do,

Love Mama Rose

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