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Acknowledging NAIDOC Week 2023

A poem I wrote in July 2022 to acknowledge the amazing First Nations Culture we have in our country Australia and also the indigenous soul we have deep within ourselves if we dare to listen deeply. For a wonderful experience of deep listening see Dadirri film by Miriam Rose


Politician on the toilet, in a great rush

The Audience is waiting for his speech they have all hushed

“Excuse me sir, its time to go on”

“Just a minute” he replies he been pushing hard for so long

Its no good he thinks this bugger is stuck

I’m bloody constipated now I’m in the muck

And right then and there that Poli lost his job

He chose to listen to his body rather than being a snob

He stayed on the toilet rubbing his tummy with care

I am sorry he said, letting go of his flare

He sobbed and cried and part of him died

As the poo came running out like the outgoing tide

He emptied himself into the long drop that day

And all he had ever known changed shape and gave way

Feeling the churning and yearning of his insides

An idea sprouts which he decides to ride

To turn all this shit into soil to plant

He begins an idea to apply for a grant

He’ll collect the Sunny Coasts Sewages waste

and turn it into compost with all sorts of haste

He writes to the forestry industry ‘To whom it may concern’

Time to make do for the emissions you burn

Please give me your sawdust straight from the mill

And place it right here upon this poo hill

They piled it up higher and higher

While the Poli read a permaculture flyer

Nitrogen we need, time for the greens

The next layer we will add, now, I need a team

He called up his friends to assist him to pull

Mighty Lantana they moved like bulls

Piles and piles of it up they did heap

To make compost with love to plant a harvest they could reap

So Lantana the well known obnoxious weed

Has been waiting for this moment to be ripped out to help seed

She held together poor soil and dead trees to boot

With her tangly web of vines and deep roots

She holds space in the interim while us white fellas awaken

Then from the ground she is gladly shaken

So the politician toiled many days in the yard

The going was tough, it sure was hard

To stir up that shit and mix it in good

He made the finest compost he could

Then Mother Earth Swept in do do what she does best

She brought on her heat and told the workers to rest

To let the pile bake, decay and break down

So the politician and his mates headed back to town

As he lay in bed that night he broke out in sweats

that lasted for days his sheets were so wet

He changed clothes many times, lost weight and transformed

Until that shitty dirt was ready to be formed

Into garden beds of rich fertile soil

So once again his dear friends and he did toil

They returned to the yard to plant seeds in abundance

Four seeds in each hole finished by a sundance

They called in their friends from the NAIDOC parade

To do a Welcome to Country where this new garden laid

And after some days, weeks and months had passed

The little seeds of abundance sprouted at last

There was celebration in each and every heart

Of the team members who worked and took park

Yet no change so great as the Politician who took action

Realising his great constipation was a fraction

Of a Journey to heal himself and step away from the Nation

He found the key to the this unravelling and tremendous transformation

To follow his dream that came on the dunny

When you speak it out loud it really sounds funny

Yet this urge is in all of us to listen within

This is where reconciliation truly begins.

with love and blessings,


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