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The Cyclical Nature of Time

Returning to the cyclical nature of time always fills my heart with wonder and ease. The fast paced society we live in is an illusion and my children are my greatest teachers when reminding me time is a concept of the mind.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a workshop with Cockatoo Paul from Australian Bush Survival School last week who teaches bush knowledge. His skills and offering enabled my son Kai to connect directly with the delicious environment where we live and experience the amazing potential it holds to make tools, shelter, bracelets, baskets and provide really yummy food. Thank you Cockatoo Paul. This is a poem that I wrote a while back to welcome the birth of my daughter. I believe by connecting children to the time and place of their birth and these deeper cyclical rhythms, we can experience less anxiety and fear because we are part of a greater, slower, wiser dance of timelessness. Reach out to me via for more information about birth poetry or to book a session.

Dear Iara,

The song of the Earth

At the time of your birth

A blanket of nature’s wisdom

Embroidered with threads of the stars

To warm your sweet heart

Winter westerly offshore breeze

Blue ocean and sky so clear

Dolphins race and mullet swarm

The whales are nearly here

Mother humpback breeding time

Her belly swells carrying her young

To journey North and give birth

Vibrational healing is sung

Mulberries blossoming

A flowery delight

Their delicious fruits

Are within sight

Dingo pups paws pound

The soft sand of K’gari Coast ground

Coloured sands and ocean waves

Butchulla land Wongari sound

Scorpious lights up the evening sky

Maiu’s hook curls and shines

The red heart of Andarus

Glows warm and red in this time

Natures clues for you to see

Movement upon the Earth

Your country dances in celebration

The day your mother gave you birth.

With love and blessings,

Mama Rose

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