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Raising Awareness for Mother's Mental Health

I am so inspired to share my story of reclaiming my heart in an evening of song and poetry. I have developed a GoFundMe page to help with the cost of venue hire, lighting, sound equipment and catering. The power of my message is that empowered mothers raise empowered children and I wish to inspire mothers and their communities to lean in deeply and create spaces and ways to support mothers to connect to themselves whilst also being the primary caregivers for their children. I hope to encourage the finding of time and space and prioritising of self-connection to create a wellbeing paradigm shift. This is personally unfolding for me and I see the incredible change in my own family dynamic as I find confidence in myself and my passions.

After experiencing periods of depression, feelings of powerlessness and overwhelm in my mothering journey, I am now singing, laughing and playing music with my children daily. The healing shift is exponential. There can still be difficult moments, yet I have the tools to find resilience within, listen and transmute, rather than overreacting or shutting down as I would previously. This has rippled out to shift all of my relationships and my own relationship with myself and the world around me.

I wish to share with my community the power of supporting mothers to support themselves.

Say YES to empowered mothers and donate to make this event possible HERE.

"Reclaiming the right to be mother of my tribe, a powerful woman with omnipotent vibe" by Mama Rose

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